Jun 4 / admin

Why Can’t Democrats Speak Up?

The entire nation witnessed the Repulican party nearly self-destruct over the debt ceiling debate several months ago. For seemingly the first time, the Dems accused the GOP members of the house of holding the nation hostage, attempting to extort unrelated concessions for a vote to approve the debt limit that previously approved spending bills required. The GOP threatened the nation (and the world) with a U.S. default on its debt.

The Republicans did not deny their tactic. Many Tea Party types are running on platforms of TOTAL non-cooperation with Democrats, until they get their way. Oddly, they talk incessantly about the founding fathers, but fail to recall that from its earliest days, the government utilized deficit spending, borrowed from other nations and taxed its citizens to raise necessary revenues.

What I do not understand is why no one discusses the fact that REPUBLICANS HAVE BEEN HOLDING THE ENTIRE NATION HOSTAGE FOR 3 1/2 YEARS. Republicans believe that if the economy of the nation collapses, President Obama will be blamed for it and will not win a second term. Mitch McConnell and others have said as much many times. They are sabotaging the national economy, holding our citizens, our children our workers hostage…they will not do what is obviously needed until a Republican sits in the oval office. How cynical. How despicable. Why doesn’t anyone call them out? Putting party before country is simply WRONG.

How much better would the economy look if we were not laying off public sector workers. How many more would be working today would if we would rebuild our roads and bridges. The Republican House would not even take up the President’s jobs bill. Yes, we’re all hostages.

And make no mistake, if Romney wins, it will only get worse. Republicans hate to talk about Europe, because we are so superior, but the Europeans have benn doing just what the Republicans want to do regarding austerity and spending cuts. The result is economic and political suffering, loss and instability. Economic repair does not work without a well rounded mix of stimulus, taxes and cost cutting.

No Republican president has been able to balance a budget on tax cuts alone. Do the math, it has never worked. It is a fallacy to think it can succeed now. By all means, balance the budget, but RAISE REVENUES ALONG WITH SPENDING CUTS. That’s the only way to set this straight. Be leaders and real patriots, not snake oil salesmen.

And to the lame stream media…how about doing your jobs and reporting the COMPLETE SABOTAGE OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE BY THE REPUBLICAN PARTY THAT GUIDES OUR NATION AS FIDUCIARIES. It’s despicable; almost treasonous.