A Word from the Author

In a way, I really admire Republicans. It NEVER ceases to amaze me how they manage year after year to get SO MANY Americans to vote against their own self-interests again and again. They are brilliant, though cynical. I am afraid they are on the verge of doing irreparable harm.

In the name of patriotism, they want to dismantle our government. They have taken Ronald Reagan’s words as gospel, believing that government is the cause of all of our problems and that government can solve none of the issues that plague us. They have politicized nearly every aspect of governing, orchestrated assaults on the separation of church and state, science, attorneys, the court system, administrative appointments, higher education and even the Constitution itself.

We allowed ourselves to fall victim to the propaganda that led to war in Iraq without a critical analysis of arguments in support of the decision…and we do it over and over again. ¬†Global warming appears real and is worsening while we fail to act. Our economy is in shambles. The housing crisis deepens. Our currency has lost substantially in value, and our manufacturing base is a remnant of what is was only a decade ago, with our jobs leaving for foreign lands, while big business sits on billions of dollars and giant corporations in banking, oil and energy remain largely under-regulated. The 1% accumualte money and power to influence policy at the expense of us all.

We seem to have surrendered our future to a political discourse that descends to the lowest common denominator, usually influenced by fear, personal attack and destruction, rather than dispassionate consideration of the merits.

If we are going to thrive once again, something has got to change. Here is my small contribution to that end. I will try to respond to what I read in the news, but I am NOT a scholar. I leave it to others to fact check, follow up and support my points, but I refuse to continue to sit quietly while our demacracy is subverted and turned to the support of wealthy, powerful and cynical interests.