Jun 21 / Pundit

The Politics of Despair

The Senate Republicans have done it again! At a time when the country mourns its worst mass murder in history, Republicans dither over whether it should be called a terrorist act or a hate crime, as if it really matters. At a time when over 90% of the nation’s citizens want to begin to take steps to control and reduce the number of deaths occurring ever more regularly, Republican Senators did – NOTHING!

For nearly sixteen years Republicans have sought to stop the forward motion of the nation, and for over seven years, they have explicitly tried to kill anything that our president tries to accomplish. They tried everything possible to make his presidency a failure. How could they not understand that when they obstructed and ground the agenda of an elected president to a halt, they foil the aspirations and hopes of the American people.

So as Republicans stymied the will of the people and tried to create a failed presidency, they knew the rage and suffering they would create. Their plan was to blame EVERYTHING on the president, so that they could pick up the pieces of the wreckage that they actually created. The plan seems for now to have failed, however. Not just Democrats, but their own constituents, too, are outraged. It is that outrage that has created the path for Donald Trump and created contempt for all things political.

But even as the plan is disintegrating, Republicans continue to stymie the efforts of the people, in favor of the status quo and the wishes of the benefactors who own them. Despicable. Saddening. Devastating. Gun manufacturers get rich; Americans get funerals and prayers.

Practicing the politics of despair must be ended now. This sorrow cannot be permitted to continue. Have they no decency or compassion?


Jun 14 / Pundit

Up and Running Again!

At long last, I have rebuilt and re-activated the site. As I read through some of my old posts, I am frankly surprised at how relevant and they remain and how insightful they were. I’m going to try once again to have some influence on politics in America. This time, however, I will focused on shorter, labels and talking points. It is my hope that some of them will gain traction in the public conversation.