Oct 9 / admin

Define Mitt Romney; Define Paul Ryan

Mendacious Mitt and Lyin’ Ryan…now frantically move to the middle, so that they will not appear to be so extreme. Simple advise to the Democrats: Don’t engage them about what they are now saying their policies are. Tie them to them to the concrete facts that cannot be denied. Tie them to their platform, and tie them to bills approved by the house and state legislatures controlled by Republicans.

First, Democratic speechwriters and candidates should know the Republican National platform chapter and verse. It is a MANIFESTO for all Republicans anywhere, and it is the blessed product of those who are currently in, or who aspire to be in the U.S. Congress. That manifesto will control what is put forth for legislation, and as the powerful Grover Norquist has said, “The Congress will control the policy agenda. All that they need is someone with enough opposable disgits to hold a pen to sign legislation.” Does he not understand how the congress is held in contempt?

Second, understand that the Republicans have held the WHOLE COUNTRY hostage…not just during and since the debt ceiling talks. They have done it since the day the president was innaugurated! Books have been written, and participants do not refute, that their strategy has been to deny this administration ANY politcal or legislative success. They should be ashamed.

Remember, the Republican congress has only a 12% approval rate, and if Romney wins, they WILL DO JUST WHAT THEY SAY THEY WILL DO. They will pass legislation that the American public despises! We can trust the Republicans to be just what they say they are, and the public needs to know it.

Most people cannot comprehend the voter suppression efforts, as orchestrated by new ID laws, court challenges, attacks on the League of Women Voters, Acorn, etc. These Republicans have passed vaginal probe ultrasound bills and laws declaring a fertilized egg to be a person. Yet they do not acknowledge global warming, the need for green energy, road building, etc. People cannot believe Republicans would really pass such legislation! But they have, they will, and a President Romney will sign it! He has just enough opposable digits!

Oct 7 / admin

Nailing Jello to the Wall

There is no doubt that Mitt Romney is a well skilled, very smooth liar on the debate stage. It vexed his Republican challengers and it astonished President Obama and the rest of the thinking public during their first debate. So what to do about it?

The first thought is to prepare a brief, but finely tuned assault, that would simply list the “top ten” postions that Romney changed just for the debate or outright lied about. It may well be that it was beneath the dignity of the office for the president to have to do this, but that could, in itself, be used as a way to demonstrate that Romney is not up to the office.

After Ryan’s convention speech, he was widely regarded as Lyin’ Ryan. Now Mitt repeats the tactic in the first debate…Mitt the Mendacious. It does no good to attack the press for not fact checking, most journalists are content to simply repeat what has been said without vetting for veracity.

It might work, however, for Democrats to repeatedly ask the public to do their own fact checking. Most people will not take the time, but repeatedly hearing that it is their duty and obligation to do so, might cement the notion that this “victory” came totally at the expense of honesty. It could be used to lock in the notion that is it NOT RIGHT for a Republican candidate to run hard right then change or lie about positions at the last minute. It should be drummed relentlessly, that if we accept that type of campaign, then that’s the type of representation we receive.

But there are other ways, too! From now until the end of the campaign, the President and all democrats should tie their Republican opponents to two things…absolutely incontrovertible and totally indefensible. The first attack should TIE EVERY REPUBLICAN CANDIDATE TO THEIR PLATFORM. No matter how shifty Romney is, his party, his base ADHERE TO THEIR PLATFORM, and they WILL enact it into law if given a chance…even if Romney suddenly decides to become a democrat!

The second strategy should be to tie Romney and all other Republicans to the actual positions of the party members and the real devastation caused by this Republican congress. From legitimate rape, to comments that evoluton is an idea straight from hell, to comments about slavery being good for America, to climate change deniers, the war on women, the suppression of voters, holding the nation hostage during the debt crisis…these ideas are NOT popular with thinking people. But most importantly, the reality of these positions cannot be denied. The platform is fact. Democrats should use it as a bludgeon.